Tuesday, April 27

I used to hate exercise, but now I love it! Here's why:
  • It makes you feel fab!
    All that talk of endorphins I've been hearing about is true. I feel happy, happy, happy all the time.
  • You get thinner
    Well, apparently - I can't see any signs of it so far, but maybe I should lay off the Chinese food and chocolate as well.
  • You sleep better
    I'm out like a light at 11, and feel refreshed when I wake at 7. Bliss! (Apart from when my next door neighbour comes home drunk like she did on Saturday, wailing a moving rendition of 'He Ain't Heavy' outside my bedroom window at 4am).
  • Your skin glows
    I don't even need blusher at the moment - and I'm one of the palest people ever, ever, ever.

Well, why are you still reading this? Get your Dunlops on and get exercising!

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