Monday, November 1

I'm having the usual problem that I get at this time of year. Half my clocks have been turned back an hour, but half of them haven't.

When I got up this morning, my alarm clock said 6.30 am - all well and good. I had a shower, washed and dried my hair, got dressed, then headed downstairs for a nice winter-warming bowl of porridge.

The clock on the cooker said 08:00. "Shit!" I said many times while trying to cook porridge/make my sandwiches/apply eyeliner/pack my bag. How come it took me so long to get ready - I was supposed to leave at 7.30 to catch the 8 o'clock train. Hot porridge is shovelled into my mouth, burning my tongue as I try at the same time to stick eye drops in the cat and find two gloves that match.

Then it dawns on me. The clocks, ah yes, they changed last night. It's only just past 7. All is calm.

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