Tuesday, November 2

A modern tragedy
Do you think it's a sign that you're bored of your job, when you do everything in your power to avoid clearing the pile of work on your desk?

There's plenty to keep you occupied. You've done your to-do list, got everything in order to be tackled one task at a time.

When you made the list this morning - or maybe even last night - you felt efficient, organised, really on top of things. But as the clock has ticked its way through the minutes and the hours, the endless cycle of reading-typing-printing-cutting-pasting-e-mailing has begun to get you down.

You right hand gets drawn to the mouse and suddenly you're faced by the flashing cursor on the Google home page, enticing you to type, to enter a word and find out everything in the world there is to know about that subject. "Come on," it's saying, "just one word. Just one and I'll take you to places on the information superhighway you ain't ever been before, baby."

No, you can't, you absolutely can't. You know the deadline for that really important job's looming.

But it carries on with its seductive wink, its empty box waiting to filled with your curiosity.

And you look at it, thinking "Oh, go on then, I'll just have fifteen minutes as a little break." And you stare at the screen, the empty box, the flashing cursor, but you just can't think of anything to type.

Not one thing. The whole world is at your fingertips, but your brain is blank. You're so numbed by the daily grind that your brain has lost its inquisitiveness.


  1. I had that exact same problem today. I had checked all the usual, this blog, our blog, the football, the news, the celeb gossip forums, myboyfriendisatwat, call centre confidential. And I ran out of things to look at. I hovered around on google for a while, but got bored and decided to make a list of what I want for Christmas instead.

  2. Weird, I had one of those days too!
    Ended up training a frog and looking at a lingerie website to 'check out the functionality'.