Wednesday, January 12

Clever Blogs
Some people's blogs are so clever. They talk about news and politics and postmodernism and all kinds of braininess.

Here's a list of my 9 favourite cakes (in no particular order).

1. Emma Cake - my own invention, a carrot/banana hybrid with dates in. They should sell it in shops.
2. Tit cakes - a good old Mr Kipling cherry bakewell.
3. Carrot cake - always a winner, and practically a health food too.
4. Banana bread - nice with an afternoon cup of tea.
5. Cheesecake - a winning combination of cake and cheese.
6. Lemon tart - a nice tart is great when you can't quite fit in something really cakey.
7. Mmmmmmm.... Muffins - Lemon and poppyseed!
8. Scones - preferably in the form of a nice cream tea.
9. Brownies - ooo, I could just eat one right now. Had an amazing cranberry and pistachio one the other day.

I was going to do a top 10, but I didn't want to put an inferior cake in there and ruin the list.

Why not tell me what your favourite cake is too? Or why not make my blog into a clever one by entering into a cake debate with me. First topic - "Cream horns: retro classics or wartime has-beens?"


  1. My personal favourites are a really gooey flourless chocolate cake or a nice fluffy coffee and walnut cake.

    I don't think I've ever had a cream horn. I came from up north you know, I don't think they travelled that far.

    On a different note, I actually saw on a buffet the other week a slice of ham in the shape of a horn stuffed with what looked like cream cheese. Yuk.

  2. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Mr Kipling's Almond slices - just like bakewell tarts but without the yukky icing (or comedy value)