Monday, January 10

It's been a while...
Ooo, I am rubbish, but I will be rubbish no more. 2005 will be the year of blogging.

Christmas was in Harrogate. Woke up to snow - a proper white Christmas - ah! Interesting being a vicar's daughter-in-law. Mad people for lunch, including Fucking William (big, ginger, shouty, swears a lot, likes booze), Anorexic Pam (ate a sandwich for Christmas lunch). Smelly Ron couldn't make it due to commitments at his brother's house in Wetherby - shame, we'd got the scented candles in especially.

Got lots of cool presents including a donkey from Bex!

Early January
Ooo, my favourite time of year as it involves lists! Lots of lists about how I can be thinner/prettier/more interesting/nicer to my family, blah, blah, blah...

A week into January
The depression has set in. I have no money, I am fat after Christmas, it is cold and dark and I have nothing to look forward to. I hate January. Bah!


  1. Yippee, you're back!

  2. Anonymous9:59 am

    about time to! whaddya mean nothing to look forward to? only a few weeks until the garden becomes interesting again, new workmates to play with horrible weather means HAVING to stay in and eat cake!