Friday, September 16

The Friday List
10 facts about me
1. I won a Tufty Club colouring competition when I was six. The prize was a Tufty handkerchief.
2. I have a ted called Little Ted. He was born on the same day as me. I've been sick on him lots and once threw him under a bus. But he still loves me.
3. I am almost blind. My prescription is minus 10 in both eyes.
4. I always, always wear matching underwear.
5. I make the best carrot cake you've ever tasted.
6. I'm scared of numbers. They make me feel all confused and want to cry. So does thinking about the concept of infinity.
7. I haven't watched a soap since 2000.
8. My porn star name is Whiskey Hodges.
9. I'm allergic to pineapple.
10. All I've ever wanted out of life is lots of babies, some fluffy animals, a smiley husband and a nice house.

Wednesday, September 7

Anthony was so thrilled to have won the Mercury Music prizePosted by Picasa
I am overcome by cuteness!  Posted by Picasa

This is my new puppy, Blodwen. We are picking her up on 26th September, when she will be eight weeks old. She's a tri-colour cocker spaniel.

We went to visit her last night. She's a bit bigger than this pic now, but the only bit that's really grown are her floppy ears.

My dad is building her a pink kennel with flowers on the side.


Friday, September 2

Mystic Meg
Last night, I went to see a clairvoyant-type lady. She was very good and said all kinds of things that she couldn't possibly of known about me. I'm blogging her predictions, so I can check them in a year and see if she was right.

  • Mr Meep
    She said that Mr Meep is very laid-back (true) and that sometimes that this can get on my nerves a little (no comment), as he seems to be letting work opportunities pass by. She said that he'll be re-presented with these opportunities over the next six months and it'll all work out OK. Hurrah - here's to Mr Meep's freelance design career.

  • My work
    She said there's a lot of restructuring going on in my workplace (true) and that I'm going to have a new role (also true) but not out of choice (also true). I'll feel a bit put upon for a while, but then things will go well for me. I'll also be working at my current place for quite a while. Damn, does that mean I'm not going to become a cake-maker/TV chef/big-shoed clown?

  • Babies
    She had strong feelings that I have a daughter. I told her I didn't, and she said she sees me with a baby girl within a year. Then I'll have a little boy very soon afterwards. This is nice, although I didn't tell her that I am actually probably a barren old hag. Maybe I will steal some children on a random trip to Tesco. She also said they'll be beautiful, so they probably will be someone else's, as mine would be ginger with really thick specs.

    Oh, and she said that Mr Meep would have the snip after our two babies are born - ouch!

  • Illness
    This was not a nice bit. She said a male in my family will have a health scare. But it will only be a scare and he'll be OK. Didn't like that bit much. My cat was sick this morning. He was making some bizarre noises too, but he's OK now. Maybe that was it.

  • Socialising
    I will have a very sociable winter, with lots of invitations to interesting events. Oooooo. Hope no-one tries to involve me in a wife-swapping ring.

  • Spirits
    Now, this was wierd. She called the spirits into the room and along came my grandad. Thought that was a bit vague as she could guess that someone my age had a deceased grandparent. However, she described him spookily accurately - and I felt really strange. All hot and shaky and was almost in tears. Then she started making a funny noise in her throat - a bit like my cat when he's got a fur ball - and she said she was picking up that grampa had a bad chest, which he did. Double spooky!

    His message to me was that he misses us all and that I should enjoy every single day that I'm here. Does that mean he knows I'm going to die soon?

    Then a really short couple came along - my dad's parents. I was surprised about that as I was little when they died and I didn't really know them.

So there you go. Let us see what the future holds...