Wednesday, October 12

Seasonal Affective Disorder is Kicking In
So, 12 days into October and my short-lived annual excitement about cosy winter nights indoors with fairy lights and red wine has already slumped in an exhausted heap to make way for the arrival of the winter grumpies. The dark mornings, the rain, the cold, the hideousness of Christmas shopping, the lack of nice fruit, the sprouts, central heating, office parties...

Poor Mr Meep now has his annual feeling of despair at the thought of living with a miserable old trout for the next five months. So tonight, we are making a 'Things to look forward to about winter' list, which we will stick on the fridge as a daily motivator.

I was thinking about it on the train this morning and came up with a few things.

    Long, lazy Sunday lunches with friends
    Walks in the park, wrapped up warm
    Curling up on the sofa with red wine and a good book
    Furry coats
    Sparkly gloves and scarves
    Hot chocolate
    Pints of real ale in pubs with real fires
    Mashed potato and roasted veg
    The twinkliness of Christmas
    Wandering around deserted beaches with my dog

Ah, I feel a bit better already.

1 comment:

  1. oh god, I hate the Winter.

    When the clocks go back I am always properly depressed for exactly one week.

    Getting dark at 4pm? It's not right.

    But at least we get to wear wooley tights and big boots and ccute scarves...