Tuesday, October 18

Seven Days Into the Great TV Experiment
I have been TV-less for seven days. It hasn't been a struggle at all - until last night, when I was home alone.

Got back from work at 5 and had a long evening stretching out before me. Had a cuppa, played with Blod, made some soup, tidied the kitchen, read the paper, ate some soup, did the washing up, read my book, made some holly berries for my Christmas cake... It was only 9pm. Wife Swap was about to start. I was lonely. The house was quiet. I was tempted.

But I fought the lure of Evil Edna and put the radio on instead, then curled up on my special pink chair with a cuppa and my book. Lovely.

Things I've done in the evenings when I would have been watching telly:
    Had a long chatty dinner with Mr Meep
    Went to my sugarcraft class
    Had a friend round for dinner
    Met another friend for a drink
    Played with the Blod lots
    Read the weekend newspapers
    Finished my book (The Closed Circle - very good, but read The Rotters Club first)
    Practised my cake decorating

However, I noticed that Trinny and Susannah and Jamie Oliver have new programmes on this week, so it should be a testing time.

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