Monday, October 10

Things that I have in common with my puppy. Posted by Picasa

Over the weekend, I realised that Blod and I are really very similar. Perhaps we were destined to be friends or perhaps I have influenced her in her early weeks. But then Mr Meep has spent more time with her than me, so really she should be a computer geek dog.

These are my observations so far:

  • We both drink loads of water
  • We are fascinated by shoes
  • We love wine: I like a glass after work, she tries to drink it out of the bottles in the recycling
  • We like the Saturday Guardian: I read it, she chews it
  • We like flowers: I grow them, she eats them
  • We both like having a big old cwtch
  • We get excited when Mr Meep comes home
  • We get even more excited when it's dinner time

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  1. Ah, she's well nice. The puppy's quite cute too ;-)