Friday, November 18

The Friday List
Reasons why I need to get out of this office soon

  • Yesterday, I heard the expressions 'deliverables' and 'win win situation' in the same sentence
  • Overheard this morning: "I don’t understand it – she wants to work part-time so she can spend more time with her baby. But what about her career?"
  • Three colleagues were discussing the opportunities they could get from joining the 'Middle Managers Network'
  • Over 75% of the female staff are wearing almost identical black flammable suits from Next in an attempt to look 'professional' when the VC came to visit
  • I've just seen another empty packet of haslet in the kitchen bin
  • I'm so busy, I can’t find time to blog
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    1. I heard a woman I worked with once refer to herself as a "middle manager". She clearly thought that she, being boss of 4 admin robots, was part of middle management.

      What's most tragic about this whole story is that this thick munting dimbo was senior to me...