Tuesday, November 8

The Great Television Experiment: Week 4
As Dave Grohl said recently, I got another confession to make…

After a great start in the telly-ban, in the last two weeks, when I’ve been at home alone, I have succumbed to the lure of the box in the corner. It’s usually happened when I sit down to eat – I don’t like eating alone and I find it hard to read and eat at the same time. In the summer, I’d sit and look at the garden, but staring at the wall doesn’t have the same appeal.

Anyway, I confess to watching the following:

  • What Not To Wear (half an hour)
  • Jamie’s Italy (half an hour)
  • The second half of a documentary about children being adopted (half an hour)
  • Wife Swap (two episodes; one hour each)
  • And the one I’m most ashamed of… about 15 minutes of Strictly Come Dancing (shudder)

    So, that’s 225 minutes – or almost four hours – of wasted time. It’s not as if I watched anything educational (well, apart from the adoption programme, which just made me cry a lot).

    On the plus side, if the typical Briton spends over four hours a day watching telly (surely that can’t be true?), then I would say that my quest to reduce telly-watching has been a success. While the majority have spent 112 hours watching the box, I’ve used those spare 108 hours to do other things.

    108 hours? That really sounds like a long time. I could have started writing that children’s book I’ve always thought about…

    1. Laura9:04 am

      What's so wrong about Strictly Come Dancing? Sparkly frocks and dancing - I love it! Better than that stupid X Factor nonsense.

    2. laura9:12 am

      And I've just realised that Strictly Come Dancing, Much Ado About Nothing and QI are the only programmes I have watched in the last week giving me an impressive total of just 3 viewing hours without even trying- hooray!

    3. laura9:15 am

      Bugger. I forgot about What Not to Wear. Make that 4 hours.

    4. 4 hours a day - easily done with flatmates.

      6pm, TV goes on - 10pm, go to bed...

      But now, finally, I have a laptop so I can do constructive things whilst TV witters on in the background.

      (Blogging's constructive, right?)

    5. I LOVE Strictly Come Dancing. It's so sparkly and nice frocks and sequins. And SO gay. What's not to like? I'm going out on Saturday night and I'm going to video it. So there.

    6. Oh my God, that little television?!? Neighbours when I get home from work right through to the news at 10 and then bedtime. I now feel rather weird.