Thursday, December 15

Fulfilling an ambition
Yesterday was our office Christmas lunch. Overpriced soggy food, copious amounts of cheap wine, forced frivolity, crackers full of plastic tat... you get the picture.

Within the first hour, half of them were on their third round of drinks. By the time the dessert came round, they were throwing food across the room. Time for a sharp exit, I thought, so my colleague and I legged it back to the office to finish off some "urgent work".

To get in the festive spirit, the four of us defectors sang Christmas songs and ate lots of Celebrations chocs. Someone said "I wonder if anyone's going to come back here pissed and photocopy their bum?". That got me thinking...

I've always been a bit of a closet flasher and have always harboured a secret ambition to photocopy my boobs. So I went for it. While my colleague kept guard at the door, I whipped off my top and put the girls on the copier. Seconds later emerged an A4 reproduction of a fine pair of DDs.

I'm still giggling about it now.


  1. Sounds daring... but I don't believe you. Got any proof?

  2. Ha-ha - yes, but unfortunately, I don't have a scanner!

  3. oh my god!

    You minx! I'd never do anything like that, even under the influence of lots of alcohol. What if the photocopier picked Just That Minute to break and the man fixing it would see your boobs and tell everyone and the next thing you know there'd be millions of copies posted up all over your work..

    Or maybe I'm just a bit paranoid