Friday, January 6

Being creative
I haven't seen my arty friend David for about five weeks. I saw him today and we chatted about how 2006 should be the year of painting and photographing and making and creating and growing things.

So I've been looking at some lovely inspiring blogs and sites this afternoon. Have a look at Creative Blend, Swirly Girl, India Romeo and Keri Smith and my favourite - Cupcakes Take the Cake.

So with the New Year optimism and the creative inspiration, I'm planning on a year of cake making, developing my artistic 'skills' and generally being more creative. Watch this space for piccies of the results.

This weekend, I'm kicking the creative process off by making some carrot cup cakes, taking some photos, starting some knitting and doing a postcard for the 52 Figments project.

Crikey, that'll keep me busy.

Mood: Creative!
Food: Pasta, pesto and roasted veggies
Tunes: 80s-tastic as going to see Footloose tonight

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to possible cake making recipies!

    i can't bake worth shit though . . . but I'll give it a shot. Either that or my sister can!