Tuesday, January 3

Reasons to be cheerful
There aren't any. It's the first day back at work. I promised I wouldn't get down, but I can't help it.

I was going to go running in the park with Blod this morning to get the endorphins pumping, but got up at 6.45 and it was pitch black. Sat it my running gear until 7.30 and it was still pitch black, so gave up on that idea.

There's no-one from my team in work, and no-one around my bank of desks to chat to.

It's freezing cold - I'm sitting in my coat and scarf.

I just opened the blinds and it's grey and raining outside.

I have nothing in my diary to look forward to.

Anyone know any good jokes?

Mood: SAD and sad
Food: Brown pasta and green beans (depressing new year diet)
Tunes: Morrissey


  1. What's E.T. short for?
    Cos he's got little legs.

  2. Valleychap9:22 am

    Or you could use your time to post the recipe for carrot cake.....