Wednesday, January 4

We almost blew up
Yesterday morning as I left the house, there was a slight smell of gas by the front door. It wasn't too strong so I didn't really think anything of it.

Later, Mr Meep and I were on MSN and he mentioned that the gas man had been to read the meter, which reminded me about the smell from earlier. He went out for a sniff and could smell it too, quite strongly. A bit later, he could smell it in the bathroom too. It was getting worse, so he called the gas people out.

Gas man came - he switched our supply off, but the smell was still there. He got some kind of probing device out, popped it through next door's letterbox, and registered that quite a lot of gas was in the house.

Problem is, next door neighbour was out. In fact, we haven't seen her for a few days, so she's probably gone away. We don't have any way of contacting her either.

So gas man declares the situation too dangerous to wait - he gets a locksmith to drill the lock off the front door and in they go. The smell hits Mr Gas and Mr Meep straight away. Mr Gas's probing thing registers a gas reading of '4.5' - at '5', probably minutes away, the house (and our house, and probably a few others) would be gone.

Turns out she left two rings on the hob. Great - a few more minutes and I would have been homeless, husband-less, Blod-less and Evil Zeb-less.


She's still not back. And when she does get back, we have to explain why she can't get in to her own house. I'm sure she won't mind - she wouldn't have a house if it wasn't for Mr Meep's amazing skills of nasal detection.

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