Wednesday, February 1

52 Figments
One of my New Year's Resolutions, especially in light of the television's total departure from my life, was to be more creative. While wombling around the blogosphere one day, I came across the 52 Figments project. Each week, you get a question and you have to write/draw/paint/doodle the answer. What a great idea - I like drawing but lack inspiration, so this was just the thing to get me started again. I've done three so far and here they are.

Disclaimer: While Miss Meep likes drawing, she does not profess to being any good at it, so please don't laugh at these.

Week One: What is your theme for 2006?

Week Two: Money is no object and your safety is guaranteed... where in the world do you go?
(NB Zebedee the cat came in from the rain and decided to sit on this one, so it is a tad smudged.)

Week Three: Imagine having a conversation with yourself in 20 years time. What question do you want to ask?


  1. Pancake0112:04 pm

    I want to live in a Cake Forest! My address would be 'Purple Flower Cup Cake On The Left, Just Past The Chocolate Fudge Brownie

  2. I can't get the 52 figments postcards open - but I'm answering all the questions. My oscar speech is fantastic (mainly cos Benicio del Torres is there).

    (I'm a bit frightened by the talking flowers though)

  3. oh, they are gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the cartoon(y) feel! Great colours too!