Friday, February 3

The Friday List
Another one stolen from 100 things: List 10 of your habits

  • I drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up
  • I say 'lush' a lot
  • I also say 'bonkers' a lot
  • I eat things sideways (eg I would take a banana out of the skin and eat from side-to-side instead of top to bottom)
  • I always sleep with a sleepy mask. Current fav is this one.
  • I write lists every day
  • I always go to the loo at the cinema before I watch a film, even if I just went before leaving the house five minutes before
  • I fold up empty crips packets and make them into bows
  • I always wear matching underwear (I think I blogged that before - how boring)
  • I make little spirals out of the corners of paper tissues and tickle my nostrils to make myself sneeze
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    1. I love that you eat a banana sideways!!