Friday, February 24

The Friday List
I was going to write a dreary old self-pitying post about how much I hate my job/hair/life/face. But no-one wants to read that, so instead here’s…

10 ways to make your – or someone else’s – weekend magical

1. One night, take your duvet and a flask of your favourite drink into your garden. Cosy up, look at the stars and propose a toast to the moon. You may need mittens if it’s very cold. Maybe a hat too.

2. Pack a picnic and go to the beach. (This is my favourite – last week was Barry Island beach with Earl Grey and chocolate brownies.)

3. Write a list of your 10 favourite things to eat and drink. Pop out to the shops and buy them, then eat one every day until next Monday. I'm choosing: avocado, carrot cake, pizza, sweet potato, stuffed vine leaves, Beaujolais, houmous, Kettle Chips, a P&J smoothie and watercress soup.

4. Write a list of reasons why you think a friend is fab. E-mail it to them. Feel the karma.

5. Hide a little treat in a cupboard in your house. Make a mini treasure hunt to lead your partner/housemate/friend to it.

6. If you’re going shopping, buy a bunch of flowers from the market and give them to an old lady wearing a groovy hat.

7. Make your dinner into the shape of a smiley face or a funny animal. I'm a big fan of the mashed potato dinosaur.

8. Visit a forest or park and hug a tree. Get someone to take a photograph of you and your new friend.

9. Leave a post-it note on a park bench, saying “Hello, you look fabulous today”.

10. Switch the lights off for the whole weekend and do everything by candlelight.


  1. Or you could go to Toys R Us! Its a magical place I'm on my there, there are toys in a million all under one roof...its called Toys R Us!

  2. I stumbled upon your weblog in a misery of a mood and you have cheered me up...I now have a few happy ideas for the weekend. Just had to tell you and say thanks for reminding me of the joy in little things. Have a great day.