Tuesday, February 21

The Great TV Experiment: an update
What started as an experiment back in October 2005 has now become a way of life.

I no longer watch television.

None at all.

Nope, not a sausage.

The last thing I watched was a 'Review of the Year'-type quiz on Channel Four over Christmas. It was the only Christmas TV I watched and it was instantly forgettable.

Mr Meep and I were chatting the other day, and agreed that we couldn't imagine sitting on the sofa and staring at the TV any more. It seems like an alien concept. When I've been to friends'/family's houses and the TV is on, it seems so intrusive. Even if you're chatting and it's on in the background, you can't help looking at it or trying to tune in to what's being said.

We still have a TV as we're such film buffs, but unless we are watching a DVD, the TV stays switched off. It's such a simple thing - and not something that I thought I'd stick to - but it's really improved my quality of life.

I'd like to be able to tell you that I've done many amazing things since pressing the off switch, but I haven't. I've just enjoyed doing more of the simple things that I enjoy - more cooking, reading, talking, writing, drawing, walking. My lounge has become a place to chat, to browse newspapers and magazines, to drink tea, to listen to music, to stroke my cat, to play with my dog, to write, to play games, to do art.

I'm sleeping better, I feel more relaxed and - with the risk of sounding pretentious (not meant to) - I feel more fulfilled.

Go on, turn it off for a few weeks and see what happens.


  1. You're right. No more telly for me and Phil. I just hope she agrees. We are allowed to watch DVD's though aren't we? I don't think I could give up movies and my Doctor Who boxset.

  2. My flatmates are away for a couple of days and I'm sitting here with the radio on.


    (But not something you can impose on a shared house really)

  3. Sounds great! I wish I had that sort of willpower, but in the end I'm always drawn back into the day-glo world of television again. DVD boxsets just makes it worse. We actually watched the uncut version of Lord Of The Rings in one go - officially the mark of People With No Life, wouldn't you say?

  4. Anonymous9:30 am

    I have actually given up all that dull reading malarkey, made friends with my microwave and now find that i have loads more time for telly! last night i watched something presented by two northerners with charisma defects which involved a bunch of people who couldn't sing. bliss.

  5. mogsy1:18 pm

    I really love your meepy blog :)

    Just want to say that we've done the same thing and just watch films - no TV. I have noticed that my internet use has increased accordingly, however. Want to cut back on that and learn a musical instrument instead.

    I am amazed at how quickly I stopped giving a shit about the next episode of......whatever...... I was never one for soaps anyway.