Wednesday, February 22

Organised blogging
Yesterday I had an idea (insert ‘eureka’-type smiley). I’m going to introduce more ‘regular features’ to my blog. These are going to include:

  • Recipe of the week, plus a photo of said recipe
    I’d love to write a veggie cook book, so a good starting point and a have been doing a lot of ‘creative cookery’ lately (ie no time to plan meals so just concocting something out of whatever’s lurking in the fridge – isn’t that how all the best chef’s start out?).

  • Cake of the week
    Although this might not be every week, as I was getting a bit fat in January due to 48 homeless fairy cakes sitting around my kitchen at various times (although Mr Meep was quite keen to help out with them).

  • Weekend Walk
    Most weekends, I go for a walk somewhere beautiful. What a great opportunity to take some nice photos and write about the adventures I have along the way. If only I’d thought of this when I went to Pontsticill reservoir recently and found discarded pairs of pants randomly scattered all around the perimeter.

  • Why I like…
    Yes, it’s stolen from The Guardian from ages ago, but a good little creative writing exercise that will make me feel happy. I’m thinking bunnies, I’m thinking cakes, I’m thinking tea…

  • Reflective Wednesdays
    I get really down on a Wednesday – already been stuck in the office for three whole days, and another two days of drudgery to go. What a good time take to reflect on the good stuff that’s happening to me at the moment and cheer the fuck up. (I may also introduce swearing for effect.)

    And that’s it. An exciting adventure in blogland awaits.

    1. Instead of having homeless cakes sitting around tempting you, why don't you do a weekly 'name my new cake' competition. The prize could be... the cakes!

    2. A-ha! What a fab idea. Watch this space!