Tuesday, February 14

Valentine Day Horror
Euw, the horror of Valentine’s Day. We boycott it in our house, under the guise of ‘we are nice to each other every day’. Which might sound a bit smug, but not as smug as the people who are flaunting their love with material tat.

Here’s a list of things I will not be doing today.

  • Sitting in a restaurant, which has hiked its prices up by at least 50%, surrounded by 50 other couples all sitting on tables for two with a candle plonked in the middle.
  • Feeding my valentine across the table with symbolic spears of asparagus dripping with creamy hollandaise sauce, and eating it with much exaggerated tongue action and licking of fingers.
  • Listening to a compilation CD featuring any of the following: Barry White, Robbie Williams, Celine Dion, or a picture of some little kids kissing in soft focus.
  • Parading around the house in some small red pants with lots of lace and marabou fur. Mr Meep would be frightened.
  • Making slow luuurrrve… Well, I might if I feel like it, but not just because it’s the Day When You Must Have Sex.

    Instead, I will be going home, walking the Blod, having a nice glass of Beaujolais, a Shepherd’s Pie and watching a film about a mental patient and a porn star. You can’t get more romantic than that.

    Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!

    1. Laura9:42 am

      My valentines night activities involved watching You Are What You Eat while feeling super smug and sweating on my lateral thigh trainer (although I would happily take a lifetime of doughnuts, chips, beer and curry over looking like Gillian any day), while hubbie watched football in the other room!

      Our romantic valentines meal was chicken stirfry (him) & pitta bread with chilli beans (me). I don't normally eat this kind of thing for my tea, but I'd indulged in a large lunch thinking it would need to see me through an evening swimming class, until I remembered it was V-Day and I didn't want to be the only sad, supposedly unloved person in the class.

      But we did partake in the schmaltz a wee bit, I received a bunch of flowers (presented beautifully in a jar propped against the kitchen sink - having never bought me flowers before, he didn't know where the vases were kept) and I bought him some sticky buns with pink icing (which we ate in bed sunday morning - Gillian would have a fit).

    2. OK, so I did cave in to the power of the flower. I hoofed it off to Covent Garden and went to this stall which I always use because they let me bumble around and choose what I want, and then even if I choose a load of old nonsene - like Daffodils and Thistles and Parsnips - make it look amazing.
      Mrs JB cooked. I totally agree with la Meep about restaurants. though. Worse than the whole cost thing is the fact they inflict some crappy set menu on the poor, uninspired couples that feel compelled to book and stump up inflated prices.
      And hooray - despite getting over gastric flu, I managed to keep my romantic dinner in my tumbly!