Saturday, February 25

Weekend Walk
Today was going to be a quick skoot around the local park as I had a busy day of cleaning and cooking planned. But Mr Meep, being the mumpet that he is, cleaned the entire house yesterday, so my morning was free.

We wrapped up in a squillion layers to keep out the wind, then hopped in the car, packed a flask of tea, and headed for Casehill Woods.

We walked through the woods for a bit and saw our trees. When we got married, instead of having a gift list, we got people to contribute to a tree planting scheme in these woods. The saplings that were planted are really growing up now they are two years old.

After we'd passed through the woods, we followed the path along a gorgeous stream and into some really old woodland.

After about an hour, it was time to stop for a nice cup of tea. We rushed it a bit though, as it was really windy, totally deserted and the trees creeking in the wind was all a bit Blair Witch.

I took some lovely pics of leaves and fungus and all kings of twiggy, naturey-type things.

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