Thursday, February 23

Why I like... Spring
(because it's here in four weeks - yay!)

I always say to Mr Meep, "Mr Meep, people often ask me what my favourite season is, but the thing is, I can't answer, because I like all the seasons."

Well, this is only actually partly true. As December kicks in, I look forward to months of mulled wine, mittens, furry coats, twinkly lights and mashed potato. I feel full of cosiness and festive love. Fast forward to February (ie now) and the sparkly glow has gone, to be replaced by much moping about, grumpiness and complaining about the cold. Not even putting on my pink socks with glittery pom-poms on the toes can cheer me up.

The annual conversation goes like this:
"I'm sick of the winter - it's rubbish. Can you make it stop?"
"What don't you like about the winter?"
"It's cold and dark and I never get to see daylight. And I've got Seasonal Affective Disorder."
"But I thought you liked all the seasons?"
"I do, just not the winter."

But not to worry, because spring is almost sprung. Here are some reasons why it is the best of all the seasons.

  • Lambs
    Lambs rock! They are so cute and small and cuddly, and are a symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings. I especially like it when they gambol and their little legs fly out in different directions. Eeek! Last year, we drove past some lambs and they were being highly lazy and just, well, sitting about in the field. I had gone out specifically for some gambolling lamb action, but there was none to be found. I was cross. I was so cross that I opened the window and shouted "Gambol, you buggers" at the field of confused-looking sheep.

    It didn't work.

  • Flowers
    One of my favourite flowers are about to put in an appearance - daffodils. They are yellow and sunshiny and make me feel so happy, happy, happy. I want to lie down in a big field of them with Mr Meep like this.

    Us Welsho daffodil-fanciers are especially lucky - the council go daffodil bonkers and plant them all over the city in spring. It's gorgeous.

  • Coat/sunshine combo
    Even though it is genrally a bit sunnier in Spring, it is still not cold enough to strip off and leap around in your pants. So you get the benefit of my favourite combo of fluffy coats (to keep out spring chills) and sunglasses (to protect eyes from newly-hatched sun). This does not apply to the dirty people, who will be in their vest tops at the first sign of daylight saving.

  • Easter
    Not because of all that stuff about the bloke on the cross. But because you get a really nice long bank holiday weekend off work, plus everyone buys you chocolate, and you can eat cakes topped with the yummiest thing ever - marzipan. AND Green and Blacks are doing a great range of eggs this year (all gifts gratefully received - and you get to help the poor chocolate farmers too).

    Bring on the gambolling, daffodil, choco-munching spring shenanigans.

    1. I like your why i like...section. Perhaps I should do a blog and call it Why I like...Miss Meep's Why I like section. What do you reckon?

    2. I think you're on to something there, James!

    3. lololol love it!
      'Gambol you buggers!'