Friday, March 17

The Friday List
We're going on holiday in the morning - just me, my lovely husband and my cute little dog. We're off to stay in a converted cowshed in the middle of wild West Wales.

So, a themed Friday list to get me in the holiday mood...

Things I am going to do on my holiday (eek!)

  • Go for lots and lots of long walks, all wrapped up in brightly-coloured woolly layers
  • Glug red wine and real ales in front of the fire
  • Take macro photographs of leaves and sand and buds
  • Read this - I'm inspired by the quote from a reviewer on the cover, which says "Make time for it and it will stay with you forever"
  • Listen to this (yup, still obsessed after playing it non-stop for a year) and lots of other, far cooler CDs chosen by Mr Meep
  • Eat croissants for breakfast
  • Make some hand-painted Mothers' Day cards
  • Do some doodling and drawing and painting - don't get stressed if it's not very good, just enjoy the process
  • Cook lots and lots of lovely comfort food - creamy mushroom risotto, spicy sausages and mustard mash, piles of spaghetti bolognaise with bread oozing with garlic butter
  • Have long lazy lunches in cute country pubs
  • Watch this and this and whatever else I stumble across in the library tomorrow
  • Sleep. A lot.

    See you in a week.
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    1. Have a lovely holiday Meep family! You deserve it xx