Monday, March 6

I have piled on the pounds
I weighed myself this morning. To my horror, I am 11 pounds heavier then I was this time last year. I sensed this when I put on my very small size 12 combat trousers yesterday and they were straining around the bum/tum area. This was confirmed by the scales this morning.

This is probably because:
  • My house is never without cake.
  • Since I’ve been banished from the posh gym, my exercise has been limited to walking. A lot of walking, yes, but I used to do walking and swimming and aerobics too.
  • Mr Meep has become a master pizza maker, and makes us two humungous pizzas most Sunday nights, which means we eat pizza on Sundays and Mondays.
  • My penchant for Kettle Chips and dips is now bordering on the obsessive.
  • Since I moved desks at work and sit with three boys, I have succumbed to lure of the daily chocolate run (Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are becoming a problem) plus the aformentioned Cake Days and Otley Fridays.

    I like healthy food and I like exercise too. But things have slipped recently – I blame the SAD. Winter is for cosying up with mashed potatoes and dark ales, summer is for leaping around outdoors and eating salads.

    So how am I going to exterminate the expanding bits? I don’t do diets – the thought of depriving myself of things or counting points is just too depressing. Instead, I will up the exercise and live by the mantra: Make Healthy Choices – I have already stuck a little post-it note on my screen to motivate me. It has a drawing of me with a smiley face on it, and says ‘Get the glow’ – I want to be radiant, bouncy, sparkly and glowing with health.

    I’m having some friends around for a chocolate fondue party later. Bugger.

    1. Mr Meep's homemade Pizza has come highly recommended from Philomena. She came home last night full of praise for his cooking skills. I think he will have to make more Pizza and start a Mr Meep Pizza Home Delivery Service!

    2. I spent a good five minutes this morning trawling though the weekend papers, shrieking "It's always in the magazine bit, why can't I find it? Where is it?"

      I've just realised that I only have the Observer. Bugger.

      Anyhow - congratulations!