Saturday, March 4

Make it stop
I have a hangover. It's horrid.

Now I remember why I don't really drink much anymore.

  • I feel sluggish.
    Didn't get out of bed until 12.00. I've usually walked the dog, made Mr Meep breakfast in bed and cleaned the house by this time. I'm doing everything very slowly.

  • My head feels fuzzy.
    Can't concentrate on anything. Not even re-reading my favourite ever book.

  • I am an emotional fish.
    I keep thinking about all the sadness in the world like the babies in Africa with big bellies and it's making me cry. I feel guilty about being a horrible when I was a teenager. I think my pets are unhappy because I don't stroke them enough.

  • I have a permanent thirst.
    But I'm so lethargic, I can't even motivate myself to get off the sofa and make the long trek to the kitchen to fill my glass with water.

    I had grand plans for today: DIY, a nice long walk, mooching about to look for houses for sale, going for a pint and to the cinema. But now all I want to do is curl up in a ball on the sofa, cover myself in blankets and eat Jaffa Cakes.

    I've lost sparkliness. The meepiness has gone. There is no sign of any mumpets.


    While I was writing this post, Mr Meep was fixing me a special hangover lunch. He came into the dining room with the following 'cheer-up' meal...

    Tofu sausage, beans and cheddar mash - in the shape of a smiley face! Which made me have a very smiley face too.


    1. That's a wondeful cheer up lunch! No wonder you feel happy now!

    2. I feel happy just looking at it. So you must have felt really happy looking at it then eating it.