Thursday, March 30

Reflective Wednesday (but on Thursday)... the week that was, the week that will be

The holiday
So the Cowshed holiday was amazing. Such an fantastic place – almost magical, with stunning scenery and lots of mystical history, with stone circles dotted around the huge moor that’s right outside the Cowshed door.

In the mornings, I’d go out on to the moor in my dressing gown (and walking boots – very attractive) with a cup of tea, and just think about life. I’ll put my photos on Flikr on the weekend so you can have a butchers.

I did, however, come to the conclusion that living in the middle of nowhere – which is something I thought I’d always do one day – is not for me. Although having absolute silence, clean air, amazing scenery and a slower pace of life is a dream, I think I’d really miss culture and having the buzz of life around me. I’d miss theatres, cinemas, coffee shops, restaurants. I’d miss being able to walk into town and pop to the health food shop or the market for some veggies. I’d miss the feeling of community I get when walking towards the train station in rush hour, watching other office workers clutching their over-sized coffees to prepare them for the day ahead. I’d miss yoga classes and art galleries on my doorstep.

I’m thinking semi-rural or by the sea, but near a city is much more my cup of tea. (Well, really, I just want to move to Brighton.) Mr Meep will be breathing a sigh of relief – he doesn’t ever have to be more than five miles away from a computer games shop.

An interesting, eco-friendly but potentially a bit ‘ick’ purchase
I have bought one of these. Eeek!

Listening, Watching and Reading
I’ve been watching lots of films. Two good ones...
Straight Story – quirky and really sweet

Central Station – lovely, lovely, lovely

Two bad ones...
101 Reykjavik – instantly forgettable

Manhattan – I know he’s supposed to be some kind of comedy genius, but I just don’t get Woody Allen

And an OKish one…
Romance and Cigarettes – slightly disappointing, but Kate Winslet was fab (and so beautiful)

Reading an embarrassing chick lit book that I’ll just avoid talking about. La, la, la...

Project House Move
After talking to my friend who has a bit of a property empire going on, have decided to stay put, but try to buy another project house and do it up to make a bit a cash.

Don’t want to be stuck with humongous mortgage at a time when I’m aiming for more freedom in my life, so hopefully do a couple of projects, make some money, then get on the move.

Do you like the way I change my mind every five minutes?

Creative Stuff
Have bought this amazingly funky knitting book. Got paid today so am going to order some funky wool and create something fabulous.

Blogs I have been looking at
Lots of the lovely arty, inspiring ladies that I admire so much – I’ll add some links to the sidebar a bit later.

Project Shed the 9lbs
Oh dear – made absolutely no progress on this one, but really had enough of feeling sluggish and unhappy with myself. What has happened to the energetic, dairy-avoiding, fruit-munching Miss Meep of 2005 who was exercising all the time, glowing with health and in love with life? She has gone, and has been replaced with slightly flabby, tired girl with… spots!

Holiday was not a great time to be starting a healthier regime, but today is. So I have spent the morning munching on satsumas and glugging water and green tea. I feel better already.

Project Self-Employment
Oh, and did I mention that I’ve QUIT MY JOB! Hurrah!


  1. I must say Miss Meep that you are rather inspirational. Whereas I just about manage to do the bare minimum to get by in life, you do all sorts of interesting things to make yourself better in all sorts of ways.
    Can't not mention the 'mooncup'! It's amazing for lots of reasons but mainly for its name: sounds like some sort of hippy poet you might encounter in west Wales!

  2. Aw, bless you love (nice panda, BTW). I was considering removing the bit about the Mooncup as I think I have embarassed the boys I sit next to at work.

  3. I'm sorry, but I don't like the idea of the mooncup at all. It makes me feel a bit ill (not that I need one anyway).

  4. Valleychap8:44 am

    Suddenly my strawberry smoothie doesn't look quite so appealing..

  5. Oh, I've been planning to get a mooncup for ages. Let us know how it goes...

    (maybe not in too much detail)