Wednesday, March 1

Reflective Wednesday – the week that was, the week that will be...
It’s St David’s Day today – Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus! I am wearing a daffodil, had some leek and Caerphilly cheese crumble for my lunch and one of my nan’s lovely Welsh cakes with my cup of tea.

The Queen is in town to open the new Assembly building. Lots of people are very cross about the Queen and Cardiff and the Welsh Assembly and want to throw leeks at her.

I wish I was out walking, playing, taking pictures in the snow.

  • Listening, watching and reading
    Just finished the Morality for Beautiful Girls – the third No1 Ladies Detective Agency book. I love the main character, Precious Ramotswe, a philosopher for modern women everywhere. Forget Bridget Jones – Mma Ramotswe thinks men are silly and need looking after, can’t understand why Western people rush about so much, and best of all, she loves a nice slice of cake. I want to live in a country where when someone says “You look very well, very fat” and it’s a complement.

    Saw Walk the Line last week. Here’s my review:
    Joaquin Phoenix – phwoar!

    Also watched Proof. Here’s my review:
    I like Gwynnie. Jake was a dreamy, doe-eyed, sensitive type (just like Mr M when I met him) and I love Anthony Hopkins when he has his proper Welsh lilt.

    (I don’t think Jonathan Ross has got much to worry about, do you?)

    Have been quite music-less of late, but about to order the new Belle and Sebastian album as well as a book from my wish list.

  • Progress on Project Self-Employment
    I got published in The Guardian – and got paid for it!

    I’ve got together with a group a creative and marketing types to put a bid in for a three-year contract to produce an anti-smoking magazine.

    I’ve got two wedding cake commissions.

  • Date night
    Mr Meep and I have resurrected date tonight. This evening we’re going to see Cock and Bull Story, followed by a takeaway from fab veggie Indian place.

  • Creative stuff
    Made a lovely 1st Birthday Card for Amy, which I will scan in.

    Took lots of photos in the forest on the weekend walk.

    Er... that’s it.

  • Inspirational Blogs
    I am still thinking about James’ posts about his brain tumour, which had me sitting here with tears streaming down my face. James is the boyfriend of my friend and colleague Phil, and they are both brave and strong and amazing. And James gives a lovely cwtch.

    Found this lovely lady, who makes me want to sell up and move to Australia right now, to garden and paint and roam on beaches with my dog and Mr Meep.

    And that was my week.

    1. Thanks Emma for the lovely comments. Cwtching you is lush and any time you want a cwtch you only have to ask xxx

    2. Bloody Hell - you've been busy.

      I'd throw leeks at the Queen too. Shamrocks wouldn't be very effective in bringing about a republic, would they?

    3. If only I'd read this yesterday I could have told you not to waste your money on Cock & Bull story - I saw it a few weeks back and was truly shocked that I had just spent £6.50 for the pleasure (make that £13 as I paid for Steve too).

      It just confirmed that I do not find Steve Coogan amusing in any shape or form (maybe this long-held belief should have stopped me from seeing the film in the first place but I quite like Rob Brydon).

      Walk the Line however was superb and I agree with your review completely - phwoaar (certainly alot more phwoaar than the real man in black). Reece was fab in it too.