Wednesday, March 15

Reflective Wednesday... the week that was, the week that will be

Metro has been launched in Cardiff. It’s OK – it’ll keep me busy on the train, but it’s not really very ‘Cardiff’, apart from a few gig and club listings at the back.

Listening, Watching and Reading
Rediscovered the lovely Graham Coxon’s last album, enjoying the new Belle and Sebastian too.

Half way through Gem Squash Tokoloshe, which is taking me ages as it’s so beautifully written, I want to savour every word.

Just re-read Tales of the City for the squillionth time. They are such magical, lovely books and I really want to sell up and move to San Francisco whenever I read them.

Project Self-Employment
I’ve made a contact with a business start-up agency about helping their clients to write promotional literature. They’ve already got me onto rewriting web copy for a holistic therapy centre and there may be some more work to follow.

I’m having a big brainstorming session this afternoon about who I can contact about getting back into doing a bit of freelance journalism again.

I’ve set up a meeting with a lovely lady at the adult literacy centre about doing some volunteer work in the evenings. They’ll train me up so I get a qualification at the end of it.

Project House Move
Well, my initial excitement has subsided. We went to see the houses that we could afford and – ha – it was all a big estate agent’s joke. They were in the nice area, but they were on the very edge of the nice area, right next to a chav-tastic council estate with lots of dodgy looking ‘nagers hanging about.

However, we had Meep Towers valued and nice estate agent man thinks we can get £140-£145k for it, which means we’ve made a profit of FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS in under three years. Eeek!

So, next week we will decide upon a plan of action: whether to move, when to move, where to move, what kind of house, city or country?

And must stop wasting time looking at endless property websites, especially ones with properties in the lovely Pontcanna that I will never afford.

Project Shed the 9lbs
La, la, la, la, la….

Date Night
Today is a special date night, as it 10 whole years to the very day that Mr Meep and I got together. Hurrah! We’re not into cheesy romantic gestures though, so we’re going for a big scoff-up at our favourite Italian.

Creative Stuff
Er... a bit lacking in this area, so...

Blogs I have been looking at
To inspire me to do some crafty, arty type stuff, I have been mostly looking at the lovely Loobylu, Molly Chicken and all the fab goodies at Whip Up.


  1. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. That's a very long time. Well done Mr and Miss Meep (shouldn't that be Mrs?).

  2. Hello Miss Meep. I've come to your blog via Afrobev's. I see you are one of the elders of blogging. I will have to spend some time reading all your old posts and hopefully find out why you are called Miss Meep. I can't help you with you Project House Move but I can help you with your Project Shed the 9 lbs. I have recently finished a diet and lost 4 kgs (~9 lbs, what a coincidence). Anyway its called the CSIRO diet, a diet developed by one of our leading scientific organisations in Australia. You can find the full food plan on my blog if you wish.