Thursday, March 2

Things you could to do make your working day more Meepy

Hate your job? Treat yourself nicely – it makes your day more sparkly.

  • Have a tea ceremony
    Do you drink tea from a grimy, chipped old mug that isn’t good enough to use at home any more? Do you dunk the tea bag into hot water in your mug a few times and make do with that? Why not imagine you’re taking tea at The Ritz? Bring in a little teapot, cup and saucer and make yourself tea for one. Enjoy waiting for the tea to brew, then watching it pour from the spout to the cup. Take five minutes to sit back and enjoy your cuppa. If you’re feeling particularly grand, stick your little pinkie out like the Queen.

  • Dress up every day
    Do you save your sparkliest, shiniest clothes and your funkiest handbags for weekends or nights out? If you work full-time, you probably spend around 45 hours a week in your work clothes. Why wear dowdy trousers and frumpy jumpers? Put your posh pants on – you’ll feel great before you’ve even got dressed. Cover yourself in sparkly body lotion or your favourite pricey perfume. Wear some colour – unless you’re a lawyer or banker, do you really need to wear a black suit? Remember dressing up when you were a kid? You’re an adult now, so you could do that every single day if you wanted to – take advantage, add some glamour to your day. (Gents, this should apply to you too, but turning up to the office in a Batman costume probably isn’t all that appropriate.)

  • Have a gourmet lunch
    Some days the only thing I look forward to out of the whole working day is my lunch. When I see people sipping Cup-a-Soup or munching soggy pre-packed sandwiches with limp lettuce and anaemic tomatoes, it makes me want to cry. Make the most of your break time and dine as if you’re having your favourite lazy weekend brunch. Bring your favourite foods to work. In winter, make yourself a little desk picnic; in summer, have a picnic under a tree. Eat a fairy cake off a pretty plate.

  • Have themed days
    Around our ‘pod’ we have ‘Cake Mondays’ where someone brings in cakes to cheer everyone up each week. Then there’s ‘Otley Fridays’ where we all go down the local pub, put Ugly Kid Joe on the juke box and eat something horrendously unhealthy (my fav: Linda McCartney sausage, chips, peas for £2.50 – and it comes with a free bread roll). Or you could…

  • Start a Friday Fuzzy group
    Get together with a group of colleagues and take it turns to say something nice about the group every Friday (or Monday, or any other days, but ‘Friday’ and ‘Fuzzy’ sound better together). I save mine and when I feel a bit down, and read them to cheer myself up.

    Here’s an example of the last one I sent (names have been changed to protect the Fuzzy Club members):
    Archibald, you are a talented musician and despite your tough bad-boy exterior, you are a sweetie at heart
    Cuthbert, you are very motivated and you know what you want out of life, which is admirable in one so youthful
    Derek, you are very funny and you like skeletons

    Of course, the best thing to do would be to quit the boring job and follow your dreams instead of harping on about it all the time. Ho hum…

    1. What I wouldn't give for some people at work I could form any sort of club with. Or just talk to. You are very lucky in that respect.

    2. I tried very hard to get some of my old coworkers to boycott "casual Fridays" by dressing to the nines, but I so few of them would do it. I find the less casual I am at work, the less casual I am about work.

    3. Cuthbert3:06 pm

      Fuzzy Club roolz!