Thursday, April 20

31 things... an update
Back in January, I made a list of things I wanted to do this year. I thought I'd have a look at it and see how I'm getting along.

Things I've done
9. Do some freelance writing
Yup, had two little bits in The Guardian.

29. Attract wildlife to my garden
Already have Mr and Mrs Blackbird, lots of bees - and Hedgey the hedgehog.

12. Volunteer for something
Yup, starting with basic skills people in a couple of weeks.

17. Have a weekend in Brighton and eat at the yummiest restaurant ever
Yes. And very nice it was too.

30. Stop watching TV altogether
Yes, don't ever switch it on anymore.

27. Go to the ballet
Yes, this one. Was fab.

In progress
1. Climb Pen-y-Fan
Doing this on Saturday - weather permitting.

2. Make cakes for friends birthdays, weddings and christenings to get lots of practice in
Have made lots of cakes, but could do a lot more.

5. Go to the Lake District
Hopefully going in June.

6. Grow the following in my garden: mint, basil, leeks, garlic, chillis, tomatoes
Basil, leeks and tomatoes are germinating as I type.

8. Knit a scarf
Started it, messed it up, unpicked it. Have started again and it's going much better.

11. Visit Totnes, my spiritual home
Planned for September when I go to my friend's wedding down that way.

13. Read A Suitable Boy
Have started this but it's way too heavy to carry in my bag every day. One for holidays, I think.

18. Save £3500 for a rainy day
Getting there.

20. Quit my job
Well, sort of. Still not 'official' and now having HUGE confidence crisis about my 'talents'. Hmmm. Need self help book.

19. Read a biography of someone inspiring
Halfway through this.

21. Finish Year 1 of my Welsh course
Yes, enjoying it lots. My teacher reckons I could easily be fluent. Bless her.

25. Start jogging around the park with Blodwen
Done this a few times, but it's not as regular as I'd like.

26. Write a children's story
Halfway through the 'masterpiece'.

28. Watch one foreign film every month
Jan: Talk to Her
Feb: Tie me Up, Tie me Down
March: Central Station

3. Teach Blodwen to: lie down, drop, stay
I am definitely no Babs Woodhouse.

4. Learn to make tiramasu
Nope, haven't done this yet. It'll be a dessert for the first barbecue of the year.

7. Have winter colour in the garden
We'll have to see what happens in winter.

10. Make a driving compilation tape I can sing along to
I know what songs I want on it, but making a tape is soooo boring.

14. Paint a picture
Not yet.

15. Sell something on E-Bay
Well, I've bought lots of stuff, but haven't sold anything yet.

16. Get up and running
In the hands of Mr Meep.

22. Make a collage/painting for my niece's bedroom
Nope. Actually, will probably be crap and shoved in a drawer.

23. Go to a rugby match at the Millennium Stadium
Didn't make it this time round due to tickets being a) v scarce and b) about £50. Will go to one in the autumn.

24. Finish all the annoying DIY jobs in my house
So dull I can't even start them.

31. Learn the names of trees
Bought a book about trees. Now have to remember to take it out and about with me.


  1. What a great list. I am dying to know the name of the restaurant in brighton ( we'll be back there in May) I think I may know which one as you are a Veggy ( like me)! We will also be In Wales at some point to cadge a bed of the Welsh relatives.
    Thankyou for your comment on my Dog post.
    I am now bookmarking both your Blogs.

  2. Oh, have just read yr Easter post and seen the restaurant. It was the one I have heard of. Guess we'll have to go too!

  3. 1. Make the compilation on two CDs, making sure that each is 45mins long.
    2. Burn CDs while making a nice cup of tea.
    3. Copy CDs onto tape while having a nice sit down and another cuppa. No waiting around. No pressing play and record. No nasty gaps. No clicky bits on the tape.

  4. A-ha! Like the CD thing. A lot.

    herhimnbryn, restaurant is lovely, amazing, fabulous - but be prepared for a dent in your bank balance. I think a meal for two costs more than my nan's monthly food shopping bill!

  5. Hi, THankyou for adding Secrethill to your link list. I just saw it ( I think I'm supposed to download something that lets me know when things like that happen, but am still grappling with the 21st century!)
    Yes,re the restaurant.... my friend in Worthing is attempting to book lunch there for us and warned me about the cost! hey ho! it's a holiday.we can live on lentils when we get home!