Friday, April 21

The Friday List

10 green things that I love

1. Peas
Peas are perfectly round and sweet and green. You can eat them in curries, you can make them into soup. You can pretend to kids that they are little sweets to encourage them to eat their veg. I have some seeds sprouting on my kitchen windowsill at the moment, so I will have an unlimited supply of organic, home-grown peas this summer. And let’s face it, with all the fighting and bad stuff in the world, we all hope for world peas – like John Lennon said, we really should give peas a chance.

2. Frogs
Last weekend, I went for a walk here and had some frog encounters. There were oodles of frogs hopping across the paths – it was hard not to step on them as they were quite camouflaged. I bent down to have a closer look and saw that they weren’t individual frogs, but pairs of frogs on top of each other.

“Aw look,” I said, “it’s mother frogs taking their babies to a safe place.” Mr Meep raised an eyebrow and had a look of despair, “Er, that is two frogs bonking.”

Euw, I felt like a voyeur, crouching down to watch them ‘at it’. I love frogs, but I am not some kind of froggy perve.

If anyone ever wants to buy me a present, I have been coveting one of these for ages.

3. My eyes
I pretty much hate everything about my appearance – mingy face, flabby arms, too tall, wobbly stomach, dreadful hair, blah, blah, blah. However, I have green eyes, which I quite like. They don’t work very well (I am sooo short sighted), but they are a nice colour.

4. Green tea
Oooo, it’s fab. Slightly bitter but very refreshing and feels like it’s doing you loads of good. Apparently, it makes you thin, keeps you young and fights lots of cancer-causing nasties. I like the proper stuff from Japan but my budget doesn’t often stretch to that. Well go on, get the kettle on.

5. Trees
Well, what can I say about trees – they are fab for so many reasons. I think this calls for a sub-list:
  • You can hug them
  • There are squillions of different types
  • They provide oxygen
  • You find them in forests, in cities, at the beach, in the desert
  • Planting them helps reduce the greenhouse effect

    6. Avocados
    I used to eat an avocado every day and my skin was so soft. Don’t believe all the rubbish about it being fattening – it’s good fat and all the goodies in the avocado far outweigh the calories. My favourite way to eat it is to mash it up and spread it on seeded toast with a little bit of marmite. For breakfast. Controversial I know, but it totally sorts you out for the day.

    7. My green coat
    I have a coat which makes me feel happy whenever I put it on. I’ve pinned a big purple flower corsage to it for added happy value. Sadly, I saw quite a frumpy woman wearing it last weekend, which put me off it a bit.

    8. Green cake
    Yes, green cake. I have only had this when I’ve been to IKEA – they have little green cakes in the cafeteria and they are lush. I think all cakes are pretty fantastic (except maybe for the pointless non-cake, the iced bun), but especially if they are green. The next cake I make is going to be a green one. Watch this space.

    9. Caterpillars
    They’re sometimes furry, often green, have loads of legs and they turn into butterflies. What’s not to like?

    10. Greenpeace
    My favourite charity. Can you imagine the kind of beardy mumpets that work there? They would be sipping green tea, munching avocado sandwiches and green cakes, stroking caterpillars, and hugging trees and each other all day long. Bless.

    I’m running out of ideas for Friday lists – any suggestions?
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    1. You should try making green tea ice cream, its totally delicious. You can probably find a recipe off the web but I usually buy the packets of powdered ones available in Japanese or Korean grocery stores. You then make the batch of ice cream following the instructions. But because the ice cream is made from powder, its not that smooth, so I then mix it in with normal vanilla ice cream. Totally delicious and possibly healthy for you too (so I tell myself anyway when I'm eating the third bowl).