Sunday, April 16

Happy Easter

Mr Meep has a Muslim friend from Sudan who was asking him what Easter was all about the other day. Mr M told him the story of the Baby Cheeses going on the cross on Friday, then coming back in time to get his chocolate eggs on Sunday. As a humanist-type person, I would have said that Easter for me is a celebration of new beginnings. The sun is starting to put in an appearance, things are being born, plants are beginning to shoot from the ground. It's a good time to evaluate things, have a little think about your life and start things afresh if you feel the need to. (Maybe I'm going into Pagan territory here, but hey, I'm a big fan of Mother Nature.)

Is it just me or has Easter become the new christmas? This year it's gone from a pleasant enough chill-out bank holiday weekend to a social frenzy.

Thursday: gig and beers
Friday: Mrs Jones' Good Friday Luncheon (my friend Sara likes a festive gathering - she also does Mrs Jones' Festive Soiree)
Saturday: Spring flower show and Easter meal out with friends (oh, and managed to find a few hours in between to become obsessed with compost)
Sunday: Easter lunch at parents; Easter party around another mate's house (that's what the cakes above are for)

I need a break! Luckily, Mr Meep and I are off to beautiful Brighton tomorrow. Am going to stay here, eat here, go and drool and be jealous of the talented peeps here, and generally womble about having tea and cakes and nice beers.

Note to self, must not repeat behaviour of every previous visit and look at houses and/or jobs while I am there and create fantasy world of living exciting bohemian lifestyle in Brighton.

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  1. Maybe it's becoming the 'New Christmas' because of the drabness of the post-winter grey?

    So many pretty Spring colours (and such pretty pretty cakes!)