Friday, April 14

How to bounce back from disappointment

I made a mistake last night. I got pissed. This generally isn't a good idea due to the appearance of the black dog on my shoulder the next day. The combination of the hangover blues, waking up at ridiculous AM because of boozing, plus the whole 'one step away from my dream job' malarkey did not make for a pleasant Good Friday state of mind.

After a few hours moping about the house, my inner life coach kicked in. I thought, I can either choose to spend the day moping around feeling sorry for myself. Or I can make the most of having a Friday off work on the first warm day of 2006. I chose the latter, got my notebook out and a 'to-do' list was born.

Things I've done from the list so far...
  • Make a chocolate simnel cake to take to friend's house for lunch

  • Drink tea and make veggie sausage sandwiches
  • Take the dog for a nice long walk in the park
  • Go for lovely long lunch at friend's house with lots of other friends
  • Put washing away and do some more washing

    Things I'm going to do next...
  • Clean the house
  • Do a beauty session in the bath
  • Iron nice green coat, sew buttons on spotty coat
  • Read some Maya Angelou (bought four books off E-bay for a fiver!) in the garden
  • Cook a lovely pasta/fresh pesto dish for tea
  • Watch a lovely film
  • Go to bed early with trashy magazines and a cuppa

    Hurrah. Normal Meep service is resumed.

    *Last night was actually a lovely evening with lots of my favourite people. Went to see my friend Al's band and Al took up my challenge of getting some 'meeps' into the songs.

    1. I too made the mistake of getting very drunk on Thursday night. I am ashamed to say however that my day was spent mostly sleeping although I did managed to make it to the park with my friend and her little boy, but far from running around in a carefree manner, I sat on a bench, clutching a bottle of water and shaking. Seeing your fab cake and reading what a productive day you had makes me feel ever so gulty about my wasted day- you put me to shame! ;-)

    2. I read this post and thought,
      "Bloody heck, this is me, this is me".
      Query...Good veggy sausages in the Uk now? I need to know so I can indulge while on holiday. The veggy sausages here are ghastly. I usually make my own now, but they are only passable.

    3. I like the Cauldron Foods sausages - very nice indeed.