Sunday, April 9

The Meep household, Sunday morning
When we got Zebedee, our big grumpy cat, he wouldn't come anywhere near us. He was terrified and hid behind the sofa for about a week. Even when he eventually settled down, he would never sit on either of us. I'd be at one end of the sofa, and he'd be at the other end with his back to me. How rude!

Then we got Blod and things got worse. Zeb spent most of his time upstairs to avoid being chased by the mad puppy that had turned his cosy little cat world upside down. We thought they'd never get on. Mr Meep had dreams that he'd come downstairs in the morning to find the pets cwtched up together having a little sleep. We didn't think that would ever come true.

Six months later, the pets live in harmony. They chase each other around a bit, but they generally live in harmony. Yesterday... this happened!

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Five minutes later both pets were asleep on me. A picture of furry Sunday morning bliss.

(Apologies for me looking so minging - it was very early and I had no make-up on. I don't normally look like this. Honest.)

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