Sunday, April 2

Sofa cinema
We tried to go to the flicks today to watch V For Vendetta. I looked up the time of the film on t' world wide web this morning. It started at 3.45pm, so we timed the rest of the day's activities around it. Took Blod out on her walk quite early, got home and I cooked lunch while Mr Meep did his weekly Sunday bread-making session.

By 3.30pm, we were ready to leave. We stopped off at the Co-op for a couple of bars of their yummy fair trade dark chocolate, and I was really looking forward to cosying up in the dark, munching on chocolate and drinking coffee (I like to wait until the drink's cooled down a bit, pop a square of choc in my cakehole, then take a swig of coffee so the chocolate melts on the roof of my mouth - it's an almost religious experience).

We thought we'd have a nightmare trying to park the Meepmobile because of some horrid sporting event at the stadium, but the parking goddess was on our side and we sailed straight into a spot just outside the cinema.

There are usually lots of scary 'nagers at the cinema on the weekends, but today was fairly quiet. There wasn't even a queue for tickets. Got to the counter, looked at the screen showing the times - V for Vendetta had started 45 minutes ago. At 3pm. Bugger.

Mr Meep really wanted to see this film, so we went outside and called the other cinemas in town to see if it was on anywhere else. UCI didn't have a showing until 6pm. Vue didn't start 'til 5.45. Double bugger.

So, a change of plan. I quite fancied TransAmerica and that was starting in the original cinema in about 5 minutes. Perfect.

But when we got to the desk and asked for tickets, ticket chick was very apologetic. "Sorry, it's not actually on - there's a mistake with the timings."

Grrrr. I was cross. There we were, armed with our choc and ready to be entertained, and we couldn't actually get in to see any films. We trudged back to the car feeling dejected.

All the way home, I huffed and puffed and swore a lot. I like having a plan for the day, and I don't like it when the plans mess up. I got home and sat on the sofa staring at the ceiling and wondering what to do next.

Then it came to me. If we can't go to the cinema, the cinema can come to us. I closed the curtains, rearranged the furniture in the lounge so the chairs were in rows, made us a cuppa, got the chocolate out, and we watched Ripley's Game on DVD. Mr Meep hitched it all up to the stereo so we got cinema-style sound.

Cinema tickets and coffees would have cost us about £15. Closed curtains, rearranged furniture, mugs of tea and a DVD was free. And I got to enjoy the experience with a dog at my feet and a cat on my lap.

Sofa cinema (with added pets). Lovely.


  1. I reckon Its much better to watch films in the comfort of your own home anyway. No coughing and spluttering from strange men and no uncouth youths with their feet up on the chairs in front and talking through the movie. I like the Meepmobile, it's made me chuckle. I think you have a motorbike and sidecar now for you and Mr Meep. Or a moped that you could call the Meeped!

  2. It all ended well but you should try and go see V for Vendetta another time, its quite a good movie and has many themes that relate to the current world political situation.

  3. And everybody says V for Vendetta is rubbish anyhow.

    (Um, everybody apart form thanh, that is)

  4. Well each man/woman to their own opinion. It rated quite good at rottentomatoes so I'm not the only one who thinks its good.