Friday, April 14

Sometimes, life really is a bit shit
So imagine you'd decided to leave a job that made you really unhappy. Then a couple of days later, you stumbled accross an advert for a dream job. The kind of job that really doesn't come up very often at all.

You read the job description - it describes you down to a tee. You send in an application and have an anxious few days wondering if you'll get an interview. Then you get the call. They want to see you in a week's time.

You spend the whole of that week having anxious dreams and sleepless nights. You spend your waking hours researching and writing notes and preparing and preparing and preparing a bit more.

The day of the interview comes. You love the people straight away. You fly through the interview, no hesitation at any questions. You even make them laugh. They say they'll let you know tomorrow. By lunchtime.

Another sleepless night. You wake at 3am and can't get back to sleep. The morning is the longest of your life. Checking the mobile phone, watching the clock. You feel sick with hunger but you can't eat.

1pm passes. No call. Then 2pm. Then 3pm. Still nothing. At 3.30pm, the number flashes up on the mobile. It's them. Your heart is racing.

But it's bad news. You didn't get the job. It was between you and one other person, but you were pipped at the post. You want to cry, but keep your cool. The nice man says he can't fault you in any way. Your interview was excellent. Your writing was fab. You had all the experience they needed. They've spent the whole day weighing up you versus her. Her versus you.

But she won.

You didn't get it.

You were second best.



  1. Things don't always go your way, but hopefully something else will come up soon thats even better. As they say, one door may close but another will open soon.

  2. Bugger.
    Thanh7580's right though: something better will come up. Life's funny like that, especially for talented people who deserve it.

  3. You don't want to work in an office anyway. Pah to them though.

  4. Often they are wrong.

    You might yet get a call later when she doesn't work out :o)