Friday, April 28

Writer's block
I haven't been able to think of anything to write about this week. Still can't, so here's a Friday List.

Things that happened this week
  • I think I'm becoming cold and heartless as I watched Crash and didn't cry. (However, before it started just the trailer for uber-chick flick In Her Shoes got me welling up.)
  • My little fur-baby Blod has become a woman. Yes, she is on heat. Bleeeeee.
  • I ate way too many cakes (coffee cake, cherry bakewell, toffee cake, carrot cake, blueberry muffin, half a flapjack). Ooops.
  • But to balance it out, I have returned to aerobics classes and remembered why I used to go all the time. It's so true about the ecstasy-inducing endorphins. Weeeeeee.
  • I lost my mobile phone. Bah.
  • I have been seduced by the charms of my silver-tongued, silver-haired mortgage advisor, Alister (or Smooth Al as I like to call him).
  • My Welsh teacher asked me if I was even born in 1985, meaning she thinks I am (frantically tries to do hard sums in head)... about 21. Hurrah.
  • Boys or those of a nervous disposition look away now... the mooncup is in use. Eeeek.

    1. Who is smooth Al? And just what have his seductive ways influenced you dear Miss Meep?

    2. You and Blod are synchronised!

      At one with the moon and Mother Nature and all that stuff. How's the mooncup going then?

    3. Yes, please do tell - how is the mooncup going?