Saturday, May 13

Hideaway Saturday

Today was probably the most boring day ever. We hid away in the house to avoid the hideousness of a squillion football fans in Cardiff to watch the FA Cup final. Eurgh.

You couldn't even escape them in Splott. There was a stretch limo full of them whizzing through the streets shouting things out of the window. Eurgh.

However, I did manage to do lots of useful things, like cleaning and washing and sorting and tidying.

And I did lots and lots of cooking - including these yummy but evil chocolate brownies. I'm now off round to a friends house to eat them. With wine. Yum.


  1. Mmmm yummy brownies, I love 'em. Can you post the recipe Miss Meep. I've tried making brownies from a box and 3 other recipes and they were all terrible. The box one was digustingly bitter. The other 3 were either too sweet and just didn't taste rich and moist. I once tried these yummy brownies from one of my high school teacher. She said they were famous and from some chain store but I forget the name.

  2. Sorry about us football thugs Miss Meep! Thats the trouble with the football, it tends to completely take over and for those who aren't interested in it, it's pretty tedious and reading some of friend's blogs, some people are downright horrible too. At least you had chance to chill and make lovely brownies xxx