Friday, May 19

I feel so frumpy
Last night I went late-night shopping. While wandering through Howells – full of trendy clothes, expensive cosmetics and shop assistants that look you up and down - I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror.

I was wearing a red coat, a green and blue dress, some flat, black, mid-calf boots that were a mistake but I’m feel too guilty to get rid of, and thick black tights. I looked a right state. My hair is straggly, in really bad condition and v obviously a DIY highlighting job. My skin – usually clear – has broken out in spots.

I looked like a combination of Sue Pollard and The She Devil.

I went home and felt disgusting, unattractive, ugly, frumpy and just… bleurgh.

I need a makeover, I need a stylist, I need a haircut, I need Trinny and Susannah.

Buying lots of clothes doesn’t go with my Womble philosophy and I feel guilty for spending money (it’s the Catholic guilt mixed with the anti-consumerist beliefs). But desperate times and all that.

Most of the clothes in my wardrobe were bought pre-2002 before Mr Meep became a student and we had to tighten the purse strings, so I shouldn’t feel too guilty for spending. And if I try to get second-hand stuff or buy online from ‘ethical’ shops, then I can rest easy in my bed at night.

  • Loose 10lbs to get back to normal weight
  • Get hair colour sorted out by a professional (and not get Mr Meep to try and do it with a £3 kit from Boots)
  • Find some shoes for summer that I can a) walk a long way in and b) aren’t frumpy
  • Buy a new summer wardrobe for under £200, involving cute tops and plain skirts that I can mix and match

    I will be stylish, I will feel fabulous. Well, maybe not, but I’ll be a whole lot better than I am now. Hurrah! I might even be brave enough to post some before and after photos.

    1. When are we going shopping then?

    2. Noooo Nooo! Mrs Meep STOBBIT!

      You are trying (subconsciously) to conform!

      You need to see what you like and wear it for liking's sake!

      We all have bodies and faces and whatever we're given! We have to learn to adorn them to OUR OWN satisfactions!

      I am crap at this too but the most important thing is to wear it as if you mean it!
      Nobody - NOBODY has the right to think badly of us whatever we wear and we (if critical of ourselves) must avoid mirrors! (because we see what we feel - not what we see!)

      Mr Meep sees you as beautiful - so be beautiful! Be what you want to be! Wear what you want to wear! Be YOU!
      No rules... no Trinny and Suzannah - just wear what you love and be happy!

      *must take own advice!^

    3. You are as beautiful now as the first day I met you xx

    4. I think a red coat and a blue and green dress sounds pretty cool.

      I wear jeans every day. And I only have one 'nice' top. But I hate shopping and have no money, so that's not about to change any time soon...