Thursday, May 4

Picture the scene

The Meep household, 8pm on a Wednesday evening.

We’ve just eaten a lovely mushroom risotto with purple sprouting broccoli on the side (all organic, of course). We’re having a bit of Green and Blacks to accompany our after-dinner cup of Fair Trade coffee.

We flick through that day’s Guardian, while Radio 4 chatters on in the background. The cat and dog chase each other around the shabby chic coffee table.

It is a scene of clichéd, urban, middle-class, nouveau hippie, domestic bliss.

In the kitchen, the Mooncup is boiling in a pan of water on the hob.

(Sorry, that’s officially the last mention of the Mooncup. Promise).


  1. Please Miss Meep I am begging you...No more mooncup xx

  2. But you haven't told us yet - does it work?

    Mine arrived the in the post the other day. I am planning to blog in extreme detail when, er, the moment arrives.

  3. Excellent Spin, please do.

  4. Sorry ladies - I'm just a bit shy. Well, yes - it works. It's fab. No leakage. Really comfortable. Easy to use. Don't have to take it out very often.

    And it doesn't sneakily try to work its way out like tampons can. It forms a vacuum when you, um, insert it and it doesn't move.

    Also, I found the whole 'being able to see what comes out' thing quite fascinating. I was so excited by it when I removed it for the first time that I really wanted Mr M to come and have look and see how it worked. He wasn't really up for it.

    Er, I'm not good at the graphic details - I blame the catholic education. We'll have to look forward to Spinsterella's post when the time comes.