Tuesday, May 16

When I turned 30, I did what all 30-something women do...

I turned to the self-help books. It all started with Carl Honore's In Praise of Slow, which isn't a self-help book as such, more a sort of philosophy book about how we all rush around too much and need to learn to take things a lot more slowly.

Ironically, I got so into it that I read it two days.

Next was Feel The Fear... And Do It Anyway, one of the classics and very inspiring indeed.

A friend is also a fan of the self-help book and has loaned me a stack of them to give me enough guidance to last for the next few months.

Next up is The Journey, Brandon Bays' account of how she made her basketball-sized tumour disappear through letting her emotions flood out and drinking broccoli juice.

I've also got another of Dr Jeffers' books: End the Struggle and Dance With Life.

I'm particularly looking forward to I'm OK, You're OK - I'm not sure what that's about but maybe this blurb from the back cover might help.

I'm OK, you're not OK
I'm not OK, you're OK
I'm not OK, you're not OK
I'm OK, you're OK

Can you become slow, get everyone to be OK, heal your emotions, dance with life and feel the fear all at the same time?


  1. Yeah, easily - and you'd still have 4 boxe4s left in your priority grid ;op

  2. My copy of Feel The Fear... has what may be a very telling number pencil-drawn underlinings and margin annotations and additions :(

  3. Yes! If you want to you can do it all! You are WOMAN we hear you roar!