Thursday, May 18

Last night was the second night of my volunteering. It's going really well. I'm helping a really lovely bloke in his early 20s, who's painfully shy and severely dyslexic.

Even after two sessions, he seems a bit more confident. He's reading better and has come out of his shell a little bit.

I feel like I'm actually contributing something - a feeling I've never, ever had in my normal job. Ain't altruism brilliant?

When I was on my way home last night, I was thinking about how difficult it must be if words don't come naturally to you.

Almost everything I do involves words. I'm a copywriter, so I work with words. When I'm not writing words for work, I'm using words for pleasure.

I read. All the time: books, magazines, newspapers, websites.

I organise my life by writing lists and I carry a notebook everywhere with me to scribble down ideas.

I write my blogs.

I'm learning Welsh - more words.

Words, I bloody love 'em, me.


  1. WORDS

    There's lovely!

    ( Apologies , have just spent 2 days in Ponty' with the Welsh relatives..........I didn't realise how much I missed them and their accent).