Thursday, June 22

I'm off...

Not forever, mind. I've packed my Union Jack beach towel and Factor 2 sun oil and we're off to Sunny Spain. Viva Espagna and all that.*

I will be spending the week:

  • Reading this and this and something suitably trashy and holiday-ish
  • Drinking lots of Rioja
  • Eating lots of tapas
  • Speaking very bad Spanish
  • Writing lots of lists and plans to change my life (again)
  • Taking lots of photographs
  • Walking in the mountains
  • Swimming in the sea
  • Sleeping and sleeping and sleeping some more


    *Disclaimer: I'm not really going on a Brits-abroad style booze fest. Am tootling around Andalucia for a week. Toot, toot!

    1. Have a lovely time!

    2. Hope you and Mr Meep have a nice relaxing time and take it easy xx

    3. Factor 2???
      Oh Miss Meep surely not!!

      You can't do that! It's almost as bad as spreading lard on your skin and frying!

      Have a lovely holiday :o)

    4. Roberta1:48 pm

      Number9dream is cracking, but his first one, Ghostwritten, is just amazing; you'd love it. Have his third as well, but have found it difficult to get into because... it's a hardback. At that makes me a wiener.

    5. España es mucho más que sol y tapas. Ese es el problema que todos los extranjeros pensais que somos tercermundistas.