Sunday, June 11

Lovely, lovely weather. Lovely, lovely weekend
What makes the perfect weekend?

Picnic in the park, with bottles of chocolate beer...

Finding new flowers to photograph...

A hot - but happy - spaniel...

And smiley, smiley faces on a day trip by the sea.

Oh, and a soundtrack of the new Ed Harcourt album, plus the Jim Noir CD.



  1. Hallo , there you are!
    Looks like a lovely day.
    Am having a good time catching up with reading several blogs since we've been away.

  2. meep at djunqx@yahoo.com5:00 pm


    So I don't know you but don't worry I'm not frightening. See my nickname is "meep", similar to yours! See my husband says I'm a type of human (yhink in dog terms, there's labrador, terrier, etc) called "meep". We are identified by liking tea, nature, aveda, sleep, flowers.

    So I just thought I'd say hello from the other side of that big pond, the ocean!