Friday, July 21

Employment bonkersosity

Yesterday, I had two job interviews. Today, I have been offered two jobs.

Job number one
  • Plus points
    Good money
    About 10 minutes walk from my house
    A small charity, so v worthy and all that
    Nice people

  • Minus points
    Grotty office in not v nice location
    Full-time hours

    Job number two
  • Plus points
    In lovely, waterfront location
    Charity sector
    Could combine with freelance writing

  • Bad points
    Lack of money
    Um... that's it

    Well, I think that's my mind made up... However, I've got the weekend to mull it over. My heart is saying 'Take the part-time job and follow your dream of juggling a few jobs that you like'. My head is saying 'Are you mad? How will you ever survive on that measly amount?'. Can anyone offer me some words of wisdom?

    Oh, and while I've been typing this, I've got a call from a job I applied for aaages ago offering me an interview next week. It's writing lecture notes for students with dyslexia. Crap money, but hours whenever I want them, so a good compliment to job number two and would be a step in the right direction if I want to do my PGCE in basic skills teaching in the next couple of years.

    Hmmmm... Here's to three sleepless, restless nights with dreams about being happy/skint/naked in front of the school in assembly.

    1. I think you probably already know what you want to do? I usually find a long walk with the dog helps sort things out!
      Sleep well. All will be well, whatever you decide.

    2. I have to agree with herhimnbryn. In your heart you will already know which job you want and regardless of what others says, if you are someone who trust themself, you will go with your own choice.

      I would go for job number one. You can still do freelance work after hours and pursue that if you really want to head in that direction.

    3. I'm rubbish at making decisions, but I'm much better than I used to be because of one little shift in my attitude towards them: whatever I decide is never permanent.
      Go for job one - by the time the full time hours and grotty office start becoming an issue, you'll have more experience with which to get something even better.
      Whatever you decide, well done Miss Meep!

    4. What would you recommend to your child, if she was a grown woman, with this dilemma and had asked your opinion?
      Money is a consideration, true.
      But there really is more to life than money.
      When we follow our hearts, and go for that which we are passionate for, things that are unexpected can happen. Some call them miracles. Others might say it is a fruition to our dreams.
      full time hours with good pay and then less energy and time to pursue
      free lance/other dreams
      or less pay in a lovely work environment (which would be rejuvinating) and energy to pursue
      dreams/passions-- which can bring in more money as well as satisfaction and vigor. :)
      But like I asked earlier-- what would you recommend to someone dear and precious to you if they asked for this same advice?
      (and, hello! I just discovered this blog)

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