Thursday, July 6

Employment Whirlwind

OK, it is all going a bit bonkers in the world of Operation Meep New Employment/Self-Employment (aka I'm A Copywriter, Get Me Out of Here).

  • I have got a contract to edit a book about an art project
  • I'm going to do a test tomorrow with a view to getting a quite lucrative 10-day a month copywriting contract somewhere arty that I'd love to work
  • I have an interview in a couple of weeks for a part-time marketing job at a tourist attraction
  • An agency have put me forward for a job at an environment charity (full-time, but all green and cuddly and that, so would be lovely)

    Send good positive vibes my way please...

    1. Lots of good Welsh luck zooming its way to you from Iceland. Sounds like you have lots lined up anyway, well done xxx

    2. *Transmitting positive vibes for a positive outcome*

      Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep, there, you should receive the positive vibes on your mobile now. :-)