Friday, July 7

The Friday List

Today, it is not a happy bunny-type of list.

Reasons why today was generally a bit rubbish
  • I had a day off, but had to get up at 7am because I had so much to do
  • I took Blod for a walk and it rained on me. A lot.
  • The clutch on my car decided to blow up in the middle of Cardiff city centre in rush hour, jamming the car in first gear so the only way of stopping was a) stalling b) turning off the engine or c) crashing. (I managed to get home through a combination of hysteria plus a, b and lots of luck.)
  • I did not have my phone or any money on me, making clutch/stranded damsel in distress situation a lot scarier.
  • I had no transport to go to job interview/test-type thing, so went to the bus-stop. Bus didn't turn up. Next bus was late. HAd to walk two miles. Arrived very flustered.
  • Interview-test thing was a disaster. They asked me to write five different things in one hour (advert, 150-word brochure entry, 150-word web copy, plus two pieces of editorial of 100 words each) based on five sheets of A4 that you had to read first. All in one hour. Surely physically impossible? I totally cocked up and didn't finish it in the alotted 60 minutes.
  • I am supposed to be camping in Dorset with friends right now. Because of car nightmare, I am sitting at home.
  • Oh, I got another job interview for a charity. Yay. It is exactly the same date and time as one of my other job interviews. Bah.
  • Car is going to cost £200.

    Should have stayed in bed today, I think.

    1. The Happy Camper11:29 pm

      Hmmm. Those positive vibes you asked for didn't work out too well...

    2. Hell's teeth Meep Lady!
      Deep breath...........find a large glass and fill it with a wine of your choice. Sit down and imbibe.
      YOur post sounded frantic, you must have been too. Hope it all works out for you.