Monday, July 3

Happy Birthday Dave

On your 33rd birthday, 33 things I think are fab about you. Aw, ain’t that soppy?

1. You embrace the slow lifestyle with a passion.
2. You are fab at playing the guitar.
3. You’re a talented designer.
4. You’re very, very funny.
5. You make me cute cards.
6. You have lovely blue eyes.
7. You make the best pizzas ever.
8. And the best veggie lasagne.
9. Oh, and you’re really good at tortilla espanola too.
10. You always do the driving…
11. …and get the petrol.
12. You have a nice, if slightly evil, cat.
13. All my friends love you.
14. As do my family.
15. You introduced me to the joys of real ale.
16. You’ve got great taste in music (oh, except for maybe some of that scary shouty stuff you buy now and again).
17. You let me have a puppy after years of begging and discussing and deciding that, no, we’re definitely, definitely not getting one.
18. You never complain about doing your share of walking her.
19. You’re a good listener, even when I get home after not speaking all day and talk non-stop for about half an hour to cram in a whole day’s worth of chat.
20. Ooo, another cooking one – how did I forget to mention your amazing home-made bread?
21. You make me hot water bottles when it’s Mooncup time.
22. You’re great at cwtches.
23. You’re the best stone skimmer I’ve ever seen.
24. You don’t like football/lager/boys’nights out.
25. You have cool clothes.
26. You buy really thoughtful presents. (Not mentioning the Kenwood blender incident of 2001. Oops.)
27. You are interested and inquisitive…
28. … so have probably never been bored in your life.
29. You have the world’s softest earlobes.
30. You never compromise on things you believe in.
31.You let me paint our bedroom wall with glitter paint.
32. All this, and ever so handsome too.
33. You make me happy bunny in a zillion different ways – thank you!

Happy Birthday, The Mumpet


  1. Aw, thanks Meep - that's lovely, I'm very touched. Sorry regular readers, having to read about me!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Meep MAN!
    From a total stranger in the Blogsphere.

  3. Awww.

    Happy Birthday Mr Meep!

    (And what's wrong with a Kenwood blender anyhow? If that's his worst crime you're a lucky woman.)

  4. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Thanks herhimnbryn and 'rella! Re The Blender, in my defence it was intended for Miss Meep to make herself nice smoothies, not to chop up mince for my meat pies or anything. Still, in this enlightened age I should have realised it was a bit of a faux pas.

  5. * sorry, that was from me *

  6. Happy birthday Dave! Have a good one mate. Miss Meep that was very sweet and touching but Mr Meep is a lovely guy I must admit and he does deserve such high praise. Phil thinks he's lovely too! x

  7. Cheers Afrobev - just saw this, ten days later!