Tuesday, July 25

A situation I never, ever thought I'd be in

After this post, I decided to follow my heart and go for job number two and a life of freedom and flexibility.

I called them to confirm yesterday morning. All was well. Straight afterwards, I called job number one to decline. They asked if there was anything they could do to make me accept their offer. I explained that the other job was part-time and I was really looking for a bit more flexibility.

A couple of hours later, I got an e-mail from job number one. They could change the job to a part-time role to suit me - what days did I want? And they could offer me about £4.5k more.

I was in shock.

After much soul-searching, I ditched job number two and went for job number one. They were such lovely mumpety people, really wanted me to work for them and, of course, there's the very good wage for working three days a week thing.

So, it's official. I am now a Communications Officer for a charity working with refugees (uber-mumpet Sir Benjamin of Zephaniah would be proud). And the rest of the time, I'm a freelance writer/editor/photography student/dyslexia support worker/anything else that takes my fancy.


(Mr Meep says he feels like we've won the lottery.)


  1. That's such great news, you really deserve it too. Well done.

  2. Thats excellent, very happy for you Miss Meep.

    You should also add blogger to the list of things that you are.

  3. That's fantastic news! Well done! Will you still be able to have lunch with me every Friday?

  4. Well done! Im really happy for you. I am one fo those people who is lucky enough to do a job that I love (well 95% of the time anyway) and I think it is fab when you are in a position to be able to do something that you feel is worthwhile, that makes you happy, and that provides you with enough money to live comfortably.

  5. That's brilliant news and it is very well deserved. You don't realise how well thought of you are you see. The uni are going to miss you big time xxx

  6. Well good but how come these situations never happen for me. obviously you made the right impression and thats what counts. Good on you x

  7. Good on yer matey! See! Didn't I say all will be well?
    Congratulations form the herhimnbryn household.

  8. Wow, thanks everyone - I love you all!

  9. Excellent, that's the way to go!